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BeeKenpachi on Open9ja
1. Monitor your money: don’t overlook any bank charges on your company accounts. Always demand that they explain the basis of every bank charges deducted from your account.

2. Get an Accountant/Auditor: they will help you uncover any fraudulent activities from your bank on your account.

3. Demand full disclosure upfront: when taking a loan from your bank or any bank, demand to know all bank charges upfront before accepting the money. Be ready to raise alarm if any sudden and hidden charges start occurring.

4. Demand all terms and conditions be stated in writing: any one can deny verbal agreements including your banker. So always demand for a written document for every terms and conditions or agreements reached with your banker.

5. Demand full payment with 22% interest: in the incident that you catch your bank stealing from you illegally through fraudulent bank charges, by law they are mandated to pay back all the money in 2 weeks with 22% interest. And if they fail to do so within 2 weeks, the law further mandates them to pay back all the money with 100% interest after the first 2 weeks elapses.

6. Embrace Honesty: make honesty part of your business policy in your dealings with Government, your bank, customers, suppliers and even business partners. It will become your best defense in turbulent times.

7. Have Faith In Judiciary: the judiciary is the last hope of the common man. If you are standing on the foundation of truth, no matter how hard your opponent fights to defeat you, the truth through judiciary will prevail.

8. When Right, Don’t Be Afraid To Fight For Your Right: no one, not even the Government should be too big to confront when fighting for your right. That’s why you should never undermine the next lesson.

9. Have A Sound Solicitor: business is warfare; there’s constant battle in the marketplace for brand visibility and loyalty, and there’s battle off the marketplace when disagreements arises between your company and other parties. This is why always enlisting the services of a sound solicitor that will defend you in court is a business necessity.

10. Always Demand For Written Documents: the world of business is full of countless promises and failures, so never accept any agreement verbally. Always demand for written documents to back up any claim, agreement, arrangement or contract. They are strong evidences in the court of law that will vindicate you when trouble arises.

Priceless lessons for young and upcoming entrepreneurs from the innoson vs GTB saga by BeeKenpachi on

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