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Abdulfatai on Open9ja
The controversy surrounding tithing seems not to be over as Nigerian rapper, Lanre Dabiri, ‘Eldee’ has asked Nigerian pastors to provide Bible verses backing tithing.

The rapper says Pastors have failed to convince Nigerians why tithe is mandatory unlike OAP Freeze who has supported his preaching with scriptures.

According to him, no pastor including G.O Adeboye has been able to give a scriptural backing on where God mandated tithing.

“Freeze has asked Nigerian pastors to come and explain where in the bible God mandated tithing and not a single one has been able to respond with scripture not even the all time tithing collection Grandmaster G.O

“If you’re christian when you get to church this Sunday beg your pastor to please help shut Mr Freeze up by sharing the bible verses where God mandated Tithing.

“We are all curious now,” Eldee wrote on his snapchat page.

G.O Adeboye, others have failed to back collection of tithes with the scripture by Abdulfatai on

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