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OAU SUG Deny Clash Over Funds by rawchead [ m ] at 4:12PM on Sep 07, 2017

rawchead on Open9ja
The Students’ Union of the Obafemi Awolowo University ( OAU ) has denied reports that the rift that occurred between the Vice President of the Union, Tosin Jacob and the Director of Socials, Emmanuel Adedayo was over the union’s funds.

The Public Relations Officer of the OAU Students’ Union Okediji Simon in a statement said it is totally untrue that the executive members fought over money, adding that the duo that were involved in an argument did so not on a personal ground but based on principle.

“There was no fight at all, it was just a normal intellectual arguments with each trying to defend their respective position,” Okedeji stated.

According to Okedeji the Council meeting which held on the 5th September, 2017 at the president’s office in the OAU Student Union Building was to review the achievements of the Union since the beginning of the current semester.

“At some point, the Director of Social called the attention of the VP to the fact that the general academic welfare of students deserved more attention as students kept complaining of bad grades and mass failure in some instances. He directed the matter to her because she is the chairperson of Academic Committee.

“Since we are intellectual fighters for emancipation, it is our culture and tradition to engage one another intellectually. However, the VP misconstrued the position of the DOS which inadvertently led to an argument between the duo. It was just a normal disagreement lovers could have in their closets when they hold different views on a matter.

“When the VP could not continue with the argument, she requested to leave the venue to leave but she was jokingly restricted from going out by the DOS who felt we were just 25% done with the meeting.

“Other officers also encouraged her to exercise patience and wait till the end of the meeting but she was too angry to leave. In the process, her voice was heard by those within the premise and they were the ones that fed the news outfits with wrong information”

Okedeji said the union is remarkable for its ability to fight for the interest of students in tactical and intellectual manner and do not resort to confrontation as reported.

“We only resort to confrontation when it’s apparent that we’ve exhausted all tools of diplomacy and negotiation. It is on this note we demand the University Management to immediately look into the need to further improve the general welfare condition of students on campus and off campus as the University is set to resume for the Rain Semester. We demand an immediate renovation of halls of residence and lecture theatres, change of window nets, broken louvres and toilet seats in our various hostels among other things.”

OAU SUG deny clash over funds by rawchead on

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