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As Nigeria join other countries to mark 2017 World blood donor Day, an expert in haematology, Dr Titi Adegbola had decried Nigerians poor attitude to blood donation, saying less than one per cent of Nigerians donate blood despite its great importance to save lives.

Dr Adegbola, speaking at the University College Hospital (UCH) World Blood donor Day celebration in Ibadan on Wednesday, said about 1.8 million Nigerians donates blood even though 60 million Nigerians’ are eligible to donate.

The expert, who restated World Health organisations’ call for improved access to safe blood, declared that ensuring adequate blood in Nigeria’s blood bank was important because one in every four persons will need blood transfused in their life time.

She added “everyday, 800 women die globally from pregnancy and childbirth due to lack of safe blood. But a single unit of blood donated can save the life of a minimum of three people.”

Dr Adegbola, saying that 100 non remunerated blood donors is World Health Organisation’s goal, declared, “blood is life, you do not have to be a doctor to safe live. So, every blood is a hero”.

Earlier, Head of Department of Haematology, UCH, Ibadan, Professor Yetunde Aken’Ova appreciated the hospital’s blood donors, urged for their continue support in ensuring availability of the hospital.

World blood donor day: Less than 1 per cent of Nigerians donate blood ―Expert by rawchead on

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