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Targeted ads are ads that we hope will be more interesting and useful for our members. We tailor ads based on information that our members share with us. This helps Open9ja display ads about things they might be interested in and from brands and businesses that they may like.
When you create an advert, you'll have the option to choose a bid (points). For most ads, the minimum bid you can choose ranges from 1pt to 3pts, though you may need to bid more based on what you optimize for.

Before choosing an advert type, you should ask yourself what you want to accomplish with your ad and what would be your ideal outcome. Once you've answered those questions, match your answers against your available resources to figure out which one might work best for you.

What are the different advert types and what can they do?

Text based
This is very effective for advertisers that may not have ad images. It has preset options for customization.

Image based
This ad type makes use of images to reach target audience. It requires a bit more expertise than the text based adverts.

Send people to your website

When you create an advert, you can set a custom destination URL. For instance, you could send people to your website's homepage, online store, contact page or any page you want people to see. By default, your ad will be optimized to reach people who are likely to click on your ad.

Get installs of your app

You can create an ad with a link to the app store where people can install your app.

Increase engagement in your app

You can send people to specific areas in your app that you want people to go to. For example, you might send people to your online store.

Reach people near your business

When you create an ad, you can target people in and around your local community by setting locations around your business. Local Awareness may be the right choice for you if you want to increase in-store sales or foot traffic.

Create awareness for your business

Running a local awareness ad may also help you build awareness of your business in your local community. You can increase awareness and get people seeing, liking, commenting on and sharing your business information.